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With things changing on a daily basis, The GYM would like to remain a constant in your lives. Although the physical location has changed to your living room or backyard, Marvin and I are determined in making fitness and health simple. We are still awaiting news on when we will be able to open our doors.

While we wait, we have been busy working with our trainers to bring you The GYM Fitness at Home. We will be providing live streamed workouts for you to continue your fitness journey. We have streaming software so that each of you may see each other on screen, if you so choose, while you work out with Aarin or Alex. From time to time, Marvin and I will join the sessions to answer any questions you may have.  We will also develop our online presence with private members only pages that will give you recipes for healthy options and ways to Get You Motivated to workout. 

These sessions and informational live streams will continue even after we re-open and will remain a tool to assist you in your fitness journey.

We are a small business with a big heart and a big family.  We promise to do all we can in this time to keep you focused on your fitness journey and we are humbly asking you to support our small business by not cancelling or freezing during our temporary closing. 

We care about The GYM family and we understand that some of you will be scared, some angry, and many, like us, just sad. The GYM has put together the following options:

1.  Stay as is and pay the same amount you currently do, which requires no action on your part.  Many members have already elected to do this as they would like to keep as many of our Trainers employed as possible. We understand that not everyone can do this, and to those that can, we can’t thank you enough!!  As a thank you, we will add the amount of days/months, while we were temporarily closed, to the end of your contract. 

2.  Those that are facing hardship, please email and we will immediately freeze your account and provide a credit of 50% toward subsequent months/days equal to the months/days we were forced to close. Regardless you will still have access to The GYM fitness at home. These are not normal times and we know fitness is a way of life so please reach out and we will do what we can to assist you. We are family and we get it.

3.  We have been extremely fortunate and also understand how unsettling all this is.  Those wishing to cancel will not be charged a cancellation fee. However, please reach out to and allow us to work with you.

In an effort to Get Your Motivation we are offering, on a first come, first served basis, our gym accessories e.g. dumbbells, stability balls, bands etc to anyone that is a current member to borrow and utilize in your own home.  If you are interested in borrowing any of these items please reach out to

We wish things were different but fully believe we will return better and stronger than before.  We are The GYM family and we will get through this together.  We believe in Houston and we stand with you! 

Please continue to watch for my texts alerting you to other updates.

Thank You


Steve & Marvin

The GYM shaker bottle and interior photo of The GYM in background

Re-Opening Update

The GYM gives an update on re-opening!  We will add a blog post on the details stated in this video.  Stay Tuned!!

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